Pulsar: the new slot at Golden Euro

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Pulsar slot game screenshot at Golden Euro Casino

If you're a fan of space, then you're going to love Pulsar. This new slot from RTG, released at Golden Euro Casino end of January, is heavy with gravitational forces where neutron stars, planets, and deep space objects collide together in an explosion of fun. Whether you prefer a mobile casino or the Instant Play, get ready for gameplay that is out of this world.

With a design that mashes the past and the future, it is easy to see why this game is receiving one positive slot review after another. It might not have all of the bells and whistles of other video games, but what it lacks in features it offers in amazing gameplay that is sure to leave you spellbound.


Pulsar Technical Features 

Pulsar is a 3x5 slot featuring 20 fixed paylines and 5 reels. It has low volatility, making it perfect for those new to slots, without taking away any of the magic. This way, more seasoned players can find something to enjoy as well. Wins flow from left to right and can go as high as 150x the stake.

It's worth mentioning in this review that the game does not feature any wilds or scatters, however that doesn't make it any less fun. 

Pulsar Theme and Design

This new game takes players on a journey to deep space where objects such as planets, gas giants, asteroids, galaxies, and neutron stars come together to offer punters a slot like no other. The fonts and music will be instantly recognisable to those who played video games of yesteryear. Whether it's nostalgia or the allure of grassroots gaming, Pulsar has something for everyone.

The futuristic reels are surrounded by neon blue lights and configured in a honeycomb-like structure, making for a more intriguing setup than one would usually find in a slot machine. This is then placed right on top of a spiral galaxy. All the information you might need to play this slot is located in the two bottom corners of the screen.

Pulsar Bonuses

Exploding Stars

Get ready for some amazing interstellar bonuses and fireworks when playing this online slot. With four different neutron stars available, each one will explode in a different pattern when its timer reaches zero. Once it explodes, all symbols within its blast path are destroyed, only to be replaced with new random symbols and new chances of winning on this amazing slot.

Free Spins and Cascading Reels

The game also features free spins and cascading reels, keeping the fun alive. Winning combinations disappear as soon as pays are given out, upon which new symbols will appear, and with them, new possibilities of winning. This will continue with each successive win until your luck runs out and the game returns to normal. Free spins are also available throughout the game.

Conclusion and Verdict

Pulsar is a slot game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you're new to slots and looking for something simple that has a low volatility or you're a more experienced player on the lookout for the next big title, RTG's Pulsar has something for everyone. From the graphics to the gameplay and music, this slot is going places.

While not having any scatters or wilds might seem like a bit of a deal-breaker, we would encourage you to look at it as undiluted fun. With amazing graphics and a theme that is literally out of this world, Pulsar is everything that a slot game should be. Stay tuned and experience the awe that this game can so easily inspire!

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