The Big Golden Euro Halloween Casino Party

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Some love to wear clown masks, while some prefer horrifying Halloween makeup. Here at Golden Euro Casino, we prefer enjoying the spooky season with a great Party with the best Halloween slots.

Playing trick or treat is a well-known game on the night of Halloween. In our Casino, we love treating our players, making their gaming experience a fang-tastic one they will never forget! This year we want you all to have fun watching the symbols change on the spooky reels. The Golden Euro Casino team collected the must-plays of October from our game collection. Without further searching, we present you the top Halloween Games you will find at Golden Euro. Join our spooky Halloween Casino Party and win big!

Witches, Zombies, Vampires and Mysterious Brews!

"It's spooky time," says the ghost while looking fa-boo-lous! Ghosts usually are associated when it comes to Halloween. Besides that, we think of witches flying around on their brooms, bats turning into Vampires, and Werewolves howling at the moon while the undead rise from their graves!

But as human you join the big Halloween Casino party dressed up. If you spot the Scooby crew, that's Adrian Berger and the Casino Crew. We are here to help you discover what's behind the monster casino slots and award you with bonuses and winnings! Are you brave enough to step into the world of scary creatures to see what they are up to?

A New Vampire Count Arrives at Golden Euro

October is the spookiest season of the year. No wonder all the monsters, hidden creatures, and counts of the dark are seen everywhere! There are some familiar faces but also new ones. The Casino team invited a special guest to the Halloween Casino party this year. We want to introduce you the one and only Count Cashtacular!

Does the name ring a bell to you? The Vampire is the ruler of the new slot game "Count Cashtacular," not to be confused with the older slot game "Count Spectacular." The slot is a 3 x 5 field in which you can win monstrous cash prizes in 25 paylines. The slot's theme fits Halloween, and the vibrant colors are like bats above a haunted mansion - they add just the right flair to the scenery.

Don't be scared, but with three game features, Count Cashtacular will surprise you with every spin! You can activate the free spins feature and select your prize in the Pick Bonus Feature. More thrill is added to the game with the re-spin feature when activated in the Pick Bonus rounds.

Keep Calm and Carry a Wand

After Count Cashtacular entered the room, you see the special setup of the party. The two most famous witches, Winni and Wanda, are casting a spell upon our wish! Don't be afraid; it might be in your favor, as all the slot machines do appear out of nowhere. The excitement hits big and lots of players love spinning the slot games while the Halloween Casino Party is going on.

Bubble Bubble 2

In the sequel to Bubble Bubble, where Winni used to cast the magic alone, her sister Wanda helps her out. In Bubble Bubble 2, both sisters are getting as witchy as they can in the 3 x 5 reels. Besides the two witches, you will encounter mystical animals, like a black cat and a friendly bat.

Winni and Wanda are casting spells and creating potions just so you can win big! You have nothing to worry about if the wild ghosts appear out of a cast. They seem spooky, but in fact, they are very supportive and award you with free spins! Who would say no to a ghost who wants to help?

Bubble Bubble 3

All good things are coming in three, it is said, right? Thus we also invited Willow to the party! In Bubble Bubble 3, Willow, the young witch, joins Winni and Wanda to guide you through the enchanted world of magic. To win this slot, you do not have to use any magic on your own. All you have to do is to spin the reels of the 3 x5 slot field, and the magic winning spells of the three charming witches will pay off as you are rewarded! Do you want to know what kind of spells they are casting?

For one, Winni can cast hextastic symbols, meaning she is transforming lower-paying symbols into higher-paying ones. If the wilder witches cast is spoken unbroken, you will be awarded 9 free games if one of the witches appears on the field. If two of them appear, it makes the spell more powerful, and 33 extra free spins may get credited to your gameplay! But hey, we don't want to spoil all the magic for you. Take a look into the crystal ball for more magic to happen!

Talking about witches, you might also want to take a sip from the next game.

Witch's Brew

When the pot is bubbling, the witches have to stir the brew. The most known Witch's Brew is the winning combination for the big win! Witch's Brew is the all-time favorite of Casino Manager Adrian Berger! Make sure you spare him a visit while playing the slot and learn why Adrian adores this fun yet spooky casino game!

In the 3 x 5 reels, magical components for the winning potion await you to be triggered. With two slot features, the head of the witches ensures you are on the right path for the brew. If you need some help with the ingredients, the dragon fang (wild symbol) is there to appear magically!

Are Zombies Friends or Enemies?

The count enters the room, the witches brewing their potions and casting their spells, but something seems missing. Of course, the guests of the Halloween casino party! Come with us and we will show you what it means to party hard, hitting the slots! The Halloween party is for everyone, meaning you, me, and I, Zombie to attend.

I, Zombie

The Zombies from I, Zombie are smashing the dancefloor with their highly developed moves. A broken leg has not stopped them from the event. Spin the reels of the 3 x 5 slot with fantastic graphics. The zombies are moving, showing you what they have to offer.

If you have the chance to glance through the mirror, we definitely say: "You go for it!". High winnings are awaiting you on the other side, and free spins might end up in your pockets! No need to collect certain items; just spin the wheels and get to know the dead yet alive Zombies!

Trick or Treat Yo' Self with the Big Win!

We've been talking about the creatures of the night enough. We don't want to scare you any further. On the brighter side, our Halloween slot review provides information on where to trigger the big win and where to find new treasures. Talking about treasures, we highly recommend you play the favorite Halloween slot among our community:

Halloween Treasures

In the background of this slot, you see a couple of pumpkins with candles, the witchy plants growing high, and a basket of shiny jewelry and gems on top of the reels. For every magical door you enter in this game, you will receive further gems for the basket. It's almost like an easter egg hunt, just with the spooky flair.

You can trigger four different jackpots, and the low volatility of the slot pays out often! Four of the five spooky icon icons in the reels have a golden version. The golden version of an icon means that the total bet per spin has more value. That said, you can qualify for different possible Jackpots depending on how many of the golden icons you activated. In other words, your bet per spin is the influencing factor. Rest assured, Halloween Treasures is the slot of the party that everyone wants to play.

The Spookiest Party of the Year in Your Livingroom

Decorate your room, attend a casino night at Golden Euro, and enjoy the Halloween Casino Party! Maybe you want to participate in a costume contest before moving your body to the music of the best Halloween slots! You can even spend the time on Halloween in one of your fantastic costumes. At the same time, you can play the different categories of online slots!

Take some pictures at the Halloween Casino Party, enjoy the slots, and try not to get spooked when you see your big win! We are happy that you are our guest at the Golden Euro Halloween Casino Party!