Classic slot entertainment at Golden Euro!

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777 slot game screenshot at Golden Euro Casino

We are so happy about this phenomenal new slot release! With the exquisite three-reel online slot machine 777, some of the best classic entertainment will be coming to Golden Euro Casino soon. The slot offers one fixed payline and a phenomenal Hold feature, winnings can occur in any direction and incredible tiered payouts, award higher win multipliers to higher bets.

777 Feature Details

The Hold feature, which only applies to symbols in the Pay table, is activated after a winning combination. You may then choose to hold any 1 or 2 reels by clicking the "HOLD" button under the corresponding reel. Once the player confirms the new bet amount (calculated based on the bet from last paid game), the next spin starts the 'Hold & Spin' game. The 'Hold & Spin' game will only pay a winning combination with a payout higher than the payout of the winning combination that activated the HOLD feature. When 3 Cards game logo wilds are won, all HOLD buttons will be disabled until the next new game round.

The top award of any normal bet is 1,000x your bet, for any high bet it is 1,680x your bet and with a Super Bet you can even win the Progressive Jackpot. 777 offers a symbol-driven (Wild) jackpot, which is triggered by 3 wild card logos, while playing in Super Bet mode.

Don't miss this masterful blend of modern technology and time-tested gameplay fun!